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  • The Exploratorium, San Francisco:  Museum of science, art and human perception.
  • Science Daily:  ScienceDaily is one of the Internet's leading online magazines and Web portals devoted to science, technology, and medicine.
  • Live Science:  This site is fond of silly titles and irreverent takes on current science and technology topics, but there is lots of fascinating and serious material.
  • How Stuff Works:  Details on all sorts of things and how they work. NOTE: ADVERTISING IS VERY ANNOYING.
  • Chem4Kids:  Lots of information on atoms, elements and matter as well as biographies of famous chemists and quizzes.
  • Cool Science for Curious Kids:  Science activities for adults and children to enjoy together.
  • Extreme Science:  Focuses on the biggest, deepest, most ferocious things in nature with good detailed articles and explanations.
  • DNA: The Instruction Manual for All Life:  An introduction to genetics and the genetic code.
  • Center for Disease Control:  Learn all about diseases -- and how not to get them.
  • Marshfield Clinic Children's Health Information:  Features thousands of medically reviewed articles, animations and news for children, teens and parents.
  • Human Anatomy On-line:  Shows the anatomy of the human body.
  • Girls Health:  This site was created to help girls (ages 10-16) learn about health, growing up, and issues they may face. It focuses on health topics that girls are concerned about and helps motivate them. Maintained by the Office on Women's Health.
  • Neuroscience for Kids:  All about the brain and the nervous system of the human body. Idea Finder:  The who and what and how of odd inventions from Band-aids to Tinker Toys to Jello.
  • Mad Scientist Network:  The network provides a forum in which people can learn more about the world around them.
  • Acid Rain: A Student's First Sourcebook:  Introduces acid rain and has experiments.
  • Franklin's Forecast:  Forecasting the weather, science projects, and other weather information.
  • Experimental Science Projects: An Introductory Guide:  A guide to doing a science project and an introduction to the scientific method.
  • Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab:  Easy to use site for Science Experiments.
  • Why Files:  A project of the National Institute for Science Education, offers investigations of current topics in science.  
  • Junior Master Guardener:  Ignite a passion for gardening.
  • Science of Gardening: See how the plants we tend feed our bodies, our minds, and our senses.
  •  This is a national organization dedicated to helping kids learn all about plants. Includes lots of information for growing a school garden, gardening at home with kids, a garden poetry contest, and the "secret life of flowers."
  • Wildflowers in Bloom:  Click on a wildflower's name to see a picture. Does it grow where you live and will it grow in your home garden?
  • Science toy maker:  For people who like to roll up their sleeves and make fun, mysterious toys and projects that entice scientific investigation.
  • Discover the Forest:  Unplug from the daily routine and reconnect with nature and share experiences with the family.



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