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Invest in support of the Plum Lake Public Library

A 32 by 40 foot expansion project was completed in 2006 through the generosity and support individuals and community organizations .  The new space is used for the children's department opening up the old children's area for the audio visual section.  Long range plans are to open up the basement for expansion of the library's book collection.

Contributions of books are always appreciated.  If you have new or old books, the library first determines if the book should be added to the current collection and if not, the library will add the book to the set of used books for sale.

For information on the library expansion and to learn how you can contribute to its growth, call the Plum lake Library at 715-542-2020 or complete the contribution form below.   You will receive a receipt of the donation and a thank you receipt from the library as well.


Click here for the contribution form in PDF format


Investment in support of the Plum Lake Public Library

        I / We want to register a gift and/or pledge to the Plum Lake Public Library:



Endowment Fund    


Books _______________________________________(Title or Category) 

Other  _____________________________________________________



Amount: ______________





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My contribution is:

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A gift in the name of ______________________________________________

A memorial in the name of __________________________________________

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Mail to:

Plum Lake Public Library

8789 Peterson Street, Sayner, WI 54560


Make checks payable to: Plum Lake Public Library


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